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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eat eat and eat again =.=""

Morning time- Eat bah kut teh with amah them at Restaurant Han.. It is located at Pandamaran.. somewhere near SJK(C) Pandamaran B there.. so long didn't eat bah kut teh liao.. After so long.. finally.. get to eat also.. me and papa woke up late liao de lo.. I think I was awake a lil bit liao de.. after I had a dream.. and I forgot what is it about already.. recently I keep forget what I had dream..swt.. old liao @.@  but I manage to get my body up finally.. lol.. when me and papa reach there.. amah them already eat finish lo.. only my tam chiak sister still eating nia.. *she eat really slow de lo.. mummy always say she count the rice while she eating.. lolx.. xP* then DO RE MI was there also.. haha.. also the so called boy "S.H.E." whereby they consist of my brother, william yap, 11 years old and my two little cousins.. jason lee, 10 years old and the youngest one.. jay yap, 8 years old.. when they met each other.. ho seh liao.. ping ping piang piang.. run here.. run there.. got game play can liao de.. still can battle yoyo with other neighbour's kid that day.. i so swt lo.. =.=""

A picture of them: 
from left : jason, jay, william xP

Afternoon time- Stay up at amah house a while then papa send me to Aeon.. I went to find 3-yi and popo them.. Actually wanna go fetch kakak home straight de.. then since they at there, I ma go find them shopping lo.. hehe.. reach there nia then can eat again.. see.. how I cannot become fat leh?? zzz.. Since Kim Gary is fully occupied, so we decided to give a try at Korean Bbq Che Go.. my first time.. ^^ Korean food.. ordered one set.. around 100 bucks plus de.. testing testing yi xia lo.. 

Facebook time.. curi wifi line from neighbour.. xP

jia yuan de expression so cute.. lolx.. 

Hao hao was sleeping in the baby car.. so damn cute when we put the baby car up.. kaka.. xD


yiiii....... =p

SS time ^^

3-yi and popo ^^

peace peace.. haha.. 

lolx.. jia yuan.. kaka.. xD

3-yi wanna show to her husband that she got bring jia yuan go eat de.. lolx..
*she was joking nia la of coz.. haha.. *

Foods time :-

Ingredients for steamboat and BBQ ^^

This one ho liao.. crispy and smells good =D

Korean prawn biscuit.. lol.. direct translate paiseh.. don't know call wat =.="

Korean type of chicken soup.. white colour de.. lolx.. also ok ok la ^^

BBQ Chicken.. nice nice ^^

After eat.. continue take picture.. lolx.. =p

After eat.. walk around and window shopping.. head on to Botanic.. visit relative's house.. I didn't go there before yet.. They just move in not long.. stayed there for a year or two nia i think.. their family can consider quite rich de lo.. last time they just bought a new house somewhere at jenjarom.. for not long nia.. then came and stay at botanic because nearer to their children's school - SM Hin Hua, Klang.. lolx.. anyhow, all of us took a tour visit around the house.. lolx.. took many pictures of coz.. I will post few nice one.. ^^ toodles.. :D

outside (side of the house) left view

outside (side of the house) right view

"shen zhuo =D"

Living room :D

Take 2 =)

The reading place??? >.<""

Comics @.@

The kitchen =)

Eating place

1st room

2nd room- boy's room

3rd room- girl's room


me, jia yuan and sin yan (owner of the room)

Master room =D

Neighbour's house.. lolx

Nice house right?? I wonder when's my turn to own a beautiful house like this.. lolx.. xP

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