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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonderful Saturday :D

Finally.. Klang superstar search 2010 is here.. haha.. jonathan was so busy for it for a couple of days jor.. kaka..  well.. there are around 30 participants and mostly are outsiders which suprised us.. I thought most will be from our college itself.. haizz.. overall.. the show was not bad la.. goes well.. performance leh.. guess dao ady lo.. not really good also la everyone.. only got 1 or 2 person can really sing nia.. but.. BUT BUT BUT.. there was one GUY.. yes.. a GUY.. he perform Jolin Tsai's Real Man song leh.. dancing sexy dance.. with a belly dance hip scarf on his waist.. fuh.. and guess what.. he was so SEXY yo.. body damn soft.. i mean.. he really can groove very well.. like eel you know.. hehe..swt.. so.. at the end.. 10 finalist were chosen and gonna perform again the next day.. which is at Klang Parade's stage.. looking forward to it lo.. ^^ Sei kor.. sore throat.. can't sing.. so he withdraw.. really wish he could sing de leh... T.T very gau la.. know wan compete liao.. somemore go drink alcohol.. ish.. ji gei loh lei geh @@ 

After the competition, accompany kor go halo forest to pay 2k for his training.. haha.. yeah.. he got chosen.. =) In the future he gonna be famous superstar soon.. wan take autograph fast fast take lo.. xP kaka.. He say hor, end of the training somemore will go Genting to have a concert.. remember bring me go lo.. =P

Then, went back home to take clothes and stuffs.. send me to 3-yi's house.. so long didn get to see yuan yuan and hao hao jor.. aww.. just as cute as before.. hahaha... of course.. didn't miss this opportunity to take many many many pictures as well.. haha.. but I can't really upload all of them in facebook coz aunty give warning jor.. ask me not to upload.. =( nevermind lo.. upload few here will do ^^ then since 3-yi ady bought her P1 de WIFI.. so i can online in BED.. yeah.. wahahaha.. xD 

Me, yong yong and jia yuan ss-ing ^^

ss 1

ss 2

ss 3

ss 4

ah po feeding hao hao milk ^^ 

he seems enjoying my hug.. lolx

yer.. eat hand hand..  dirty boy.. haha.. xD

love you hao hao =D

hahaha... so cute nehhhhhhhhhhhhh............ omg..i'm so obssesed with him... haha

See.. his blur blur face.. so cute de lo... kakaka.. 

Tomorrow gonna go KP to watch Superstar finals.. ^^ pictures to be continue for tomorrow ^^ chaozz all =D

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