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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Enjoying spending money $$$$ =D

Phewww.. Justnow expanded my country story land again.. just to place the baby elephant.. because I don't have place to put that thing.. lolx.. cost me 800K.. T.T nevermind la.. I got de is money.. muahahah.. xD expand liao good also la.. can buy more trees.. ^^

Don't know why feel like spending my ffs de money also.. keep raise my pet.. haha.. I raise kor till 5B.. then sm and ck till 2B.. bought Sean at 2B from Hazel after I asked her permission.. lolx.. bought at 2B still oklo.. somemore got raise till 3B.. haha.. end up.. from 14B.. now i got 10B nia.. hahaha... really ffs freak.. swt la.. =.=""

ffs link>> (promoting) =D

And one more thing.. everyone keep ask me to cut my hair.. =.=" haha.. I know la very long d.. but really long lo.. since CNY till now.. haven't cut at all.. kaka.. I will cut very soon la.. don't rush.. so excited to see my new look meh?? haha.. xD what fringe type should I cut leh btw?? Any suggestion?? =P and.. should I highlight my hair?? hahaha... 

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