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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gain more FATS @.@

Lolx.. today damn funny lo.. i was finding people to fetch me to college.. i thought my dad went to work.. but when i went to his room, I saw him sleeping.. lolx.. hahaha.. problem settle.. dad will send me to college.. went to eat chicken rice at pandamaran then hang out a while at amah's house.. brought brother's clothes and homework stuffs.. after that, dad send me to college.. why I go to college? no class.. the Nordic Film thingy lo.. see i so good.. go support.. because I know sure less people will come de.. and I was right.. haha.. really no people come de.. == i think less than 10 nia lo.. and the damn conference hall was like damn freaking cold.. I was freezing inside.. lol.. watched Mammoth at 2pm and Forbidden Fruit at 4.30pm.. walao wei a... Mammoth.. i really dunno what the movie wanna show lo.. no main point de.. swt.. forbidden fruit better a bit.. although also very sien but still got main point de.. swt la.. conclusion.. dead snow is the best of all.. really fucking.. opps.. really funny and scary.. "xia dao xiao".. shock till laugh.. lolx.. 

Then leh.. since.. no more movie jor.. potato chips still got so many left.. dennie gave me one big packet.. lolx.. got 12 packets all together.. 

heng shen took 2 packet.. i ate 1 packet.. papa ate 1 packet.. still got 8 more packet waiting for me to sapu.. wahhahaa... xD

but.. sadly.. really sei lo.. this month i keep eat eat eat.. sure fat sei de.. already so fat.. now gain more fats.. T.T

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