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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Klang Superstar 2010

Was excited for today's show.. The Klang Superstar finals.. oh yeah.. haha.. get prepared.. dress nicely.. of course.. took few pictures again.. wakakakaka.... xP

Me ss-ing with jia yuan and hao hao
(but more like I'm ss-ing on my own coz they both dun wan choi me also T.T )

ss 1

ss 2

ss 3

ss 4

ss 5

haha.. yuan yuan insist to lie together with her brother.. swt.. kaka..

hao hao's eyes damn small.. kakaka.. xD

ss 1 with hao hao- see.. don't want choi me also..jie jie sad sad de leh.. T.T

take 2.. look into the camera la.. sobss.. >.<"

ahahahha... so cuteeeeeee............ hahahaha... xD

hao hao sien jor.. lolx.. he say "this jie jie hor can't stop taking pic de.. i know i'm cute la.. lolx.."

*hug hug* <3<3<3

Went to KP after that.. Oh my.. damn alot of people lo.. uncle aunty all very supportive leh... hahaha.. no la.. in my opinion, all of the mostly drop by or came to watch those participants from category A de lo.. and guess what.. all of them are really really really CUTE... omgoshh... hahaha... got 4 years old de.. 6 years old de.. and lots more.. a group of HICT students including me and alice especially.. stand beside and so excited for them.. keep cheer and clap for them.. hahaha..  but because they are really so adorable lo.. hehe ^^ 

This boy was so damn damn cute wei.... hahaha... 6 years old nia :D

Champion for category A - Latin dance.. fuhh... *many girls almost faint* =P

Overall for category A, everyone was really good.. really.. but just that the winners are even better.. don't give up.. try again next time.. all of you are so cute and adorable.. i believe you guys put more effort than those category B de.. from your costume also can see jor.. mekap.. hairstyle..everything.. great job guys.. ^^

Overall winner for category A

And as for the category B de.. well.. all also big jor.. so song and dance also mature de.. haha.. xD

representative from our college - HICT ^^

1st Contestant.. she sure very gan jiong de lo.. haha.. xD


fuh... yi zhi ma leh... :D

Wu niang!!!!! :D

Chong Heng :D

Here comes Ruby lo ^^

The cheering team ^^
Even make the cardboard to support ruby and chong heng.. hehe.. ^^

There's two guest performance as well.. one was from the past two years category A winner and for category B, nobody turns up and I wonder why.. another performance was chinese stomp by a group of childrens from different ages as all of us can see.. don't see they small small nia.. but they can play those instrument de lo.. haha.. xD great performance though :D

Champion for Category A 2008

Still got people beside de.. didn't take dao them.. haha..

So.. overall.. ok ok lo.. 1st and 3rd really deserved it.. 2nd place.. omg.. don't know hoe he can win de lo.. he only manage to make comedy kind of performance.. sing and dance abit.. like this also give him take away RM300 =.=" 

Champion of category B =D

1st runner up.. unexpected winner.. zzz

2nd runner up - Sarah Ng

What was sad was, none of the representative from our college manage to got anything.. haizz.. never mind la.. try again lo next time .. ^^ See ya then :D

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