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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour day =)

It's labour day and it's a public holiday.. but few of my friends and I went to work.. hahaha.. so long didn't work liao.. this was my second time work after the pc fair.. hehe.. ^^ Our job is very simple nia actually.. There's a Indonesia concert by UNGU at Stadium Bukit Jalil.. we were just required to tear off the ticket.. yea.. that's it.. 2 hours.. 60 bucks.. not bad right.. haha.. my friend introduce this work to me.. since he need 2 more people, so I called Sharon and SM lo.. wanna call kor in the first place de because all of us was together eating when my friend told me about this job.. I thought he don't want so call SM lo.. since he said he want a work so badly..haha.. so three of us went there lo.. Sharon planned to go at 2pm.. because thought wanna eat and find way to go there.. scare traffic jam somemore leh.. haha.. but leh.. unexpectedly.. all of us ate jor.. no jam also.. and we manage to find our way there.. lol.. so we reach there around 3pm plus.. so early lo.. we were suppose to gather for briefing at 5.30pm.. haha.. therefore, we went to the nearest shopping mall, "Endah Parade" to have a little walk.. haha.. nothing also lo actually because most of the shops were closed.. Duh.. it's labour day k.. >.<" so leh.. we end up playing snooker at there.. hahaha.. Don't know why.. maybe it was my day gua.. i keep in ball.. am gong bo am gong all in.. first time in so many ball.. and also first time got so "high" de mark.. i got -95 marks.. swt la.. because beside in so many ball, i also got many mis Q and fault ball.. in white ball.. in wrong ball.. hami pun ada la.. sharon leh.. abit sui.. in few ball nia.. haha.. que problem gua.. too light for her.. ahahha.. sm leh.. ok ok lo.. not bad la.. practice more la.. ^^ other people hor.. came in after uus also finish the gam more earlier than us.. swt kao kao.. =.=" Finish snooker go back to stadium and after briefing, we were assignned to take care few places.. I mean there are Vip way.. and there is normal seat and so and sharon was lucky because both of us were wearing skirt and they put us at the VIP place.. which is not very hard to take care of.. All VIP customers were high class and speaking wan lo.. all of them were malays la.. coz indon concert ma.. too bad not lin jun jie.. if not sharon sure super high liao.. hahaha... but, its a great experience though.. waiting for my dear friend to intro more this kind of job to me.. hehe.. ^^


three of us take care of the VIP place ^^

ling and sharon =D

eat afta work ^^

take 2

take 3 =D

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