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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Legacy 2010 roxx baby!! xD

One word.. WOW!!! hahaha... Legacy 2010 is awesome.. It was a totally a blast.. Fuhh... I can say that this legacy is even much better than last year.. all those peoples were freaking awesome and amazing.. haha.. lolx..   This year all competitors are not only from our own college but also other college itself which is the UCSI college.. so its so called something like HICT vs. UCSI.. haha.. but everyone was really awesome.. really.. there are people who sings.. solo or duet or in group.. dancing.. different kind of dance.. shows different culture as well.. from hip hop.. to punjabi dance.. and lots lots more... xD

Don't know when this picture was taken.. lolx.. haha..

Students from HICT- performing indian dance =)

competitors from USCI - Freak Nation xD

Singing performance - Chern Yang & Cheryl

Singing performance - Chong Heng & Ruby

Singing performance - All together =D

The noobies girls xD (from left : sin yee, wai mun, sher teng, ashley, ruby)

The Noobies group ^^ - 1st runner up

All in this together.. that's the spirit yo..  ^^

Battle dance - HICT noobies boys =D (wee onn, desmond, soya)

Show them what we got man =D

Shake it mama shake it ^^

sexy dance by apple and soya xP

UCSI - Freak Nation

USCI girls - hip hop.. (korea song - GEE ^^)

See ya at next legacy 2011.. at our new campus.. SG.BESI!!!!!!!!!!! Wait us up.. we'll sure participate and get the champion once again... xD

(ps: more pictures at :

After that, me, sharon, cy and ck went to Bamboo to visit our dear Cheryl.. Nicholas Khoo was there too.. he fat jor leh.. wakakaka.. xD  So coincidencely leh.. it was the Thomas cup fever.. watch till so gan jiong.. hahaha... xD  met kim also.. hehe ^^ Then hor.. got a guy suddenly came approach me and cheryl.. swt.. we thought got what happen.. yuan lai he came and introduce himself to us.. and said he know us.. from FACEBOOK.. and i was so shock lo.. coz he was talking with cheryl at first.. then turn around to me and say "and you must be PEI LING rite?" we both chat few times in msn before.. lolx.. i was like.. oh.. okay.. (i can't recall at all leh.. =.=") swt.. haha.. three people de birthday dat time.. and there goes three time lo the birthday song.. hehee.. ^^

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