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Monday, May 17, 2010

Let it be....

Hmm.. what I wanna say is.. I really don't know.. really don't know what should I answer.. what you guys expect me to tell you then? Question keep coming up to my mind.. and I was like so blank.. blur.. keep thinking and thinking.. I'm also confuse.. I don't know what I really want also.. and it was like suddenly.. happen to me.. like I had to make a decision but.. =X  I'm afraid.. afraid of losing these friendship.. Hmm.. I had experienced this type of situation before and it sucks.. Is it that every guy thinks the same?? coz if there is a girl whom they like.. reject or don't accept them.. they can't be friends anymore?? What a lame excuse for me.. sigh.. I don't wanna hurt anyone either..... maybe I should not think so much.. study is what I should focus on now.. since my last sem result is so sucks.. sigh!! T.T Pei Ling.. Pei Ling.. Study study... remember what Miss Katherine said.. "STUDY HARD".. I thought she was a fierce lady because whenever I saw her, she would be like keep scold.. not to say scold la.. seems to be like very other marketing staffs.. but though I know she's a nice person.. that day when she told me about the ASA thingy.. I was suprised.. but I think she will help me even ask me to study hard.. thanks miss Katherine.. I promise I will.. =) Hmm.. For now, all I want is just.. everyone.. all whom I care about.. stay happy always and I don't hope they would become down or sad because of me.. I really hate it when this thing happen.. so damn.. emo.. moodless.. not happy at all.. >.<" haihh.. what can I say.. let it be ba...

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