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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mapcu Athletic 2010

LATE FOR AN HOUR!!!! what the... when we reach the UNITEN stadium, one event finish jor.. sing how damn pek cek liao.. because that's the event he wanna participate and the main reason he join this competiton.. - 100M.. lolx.. swt la.. the bus driver damn cha de lo.. don't know way de.. keep turn around and around.. we can go eat kajang satay liao lo.. ish ish ish... haizzz.... back to the competition.. it was my first time experience.. participating in this athletic event.. competing with other students from various of colleges.. was damn nervous and scare though.. and I didn't think of joining also because I scare will lose dao si beh jia lat.. haha.. yala.. coz.. sure got many international student de ma..  all big big tall tall de.. they run 1 step i run 3 step lo.. T.T but... BUT BUT BUT.... they were not so good also lo.. some only la.. those a.. really got coaches guide them de.. taylors.. inti.. that wan different la.. haha.. i saw my ex competitors too.. i run with her b4.. hurdles event.. lolx.. but I guess she don't even know me.. who am I by the way... haha.. i still remember her.. sharnize.. yea.. that's her.. from bukit jalil sport school.. her dad was amazing.. hurdles coach.. and his name were stated in our secondary school PJK text book... he represent Malaysia and manage to got into finals once upon a time ago.. haha.. come on.. its OLIMPIK man!!!.. and Malaysia talking about athletic?? haha.. wait in dream got la.. it's one thing that we should be proud of.. hehe.. ^^ he teach me before.. he was really a nice and friendly coach.. haha.. gosh.. missing my running life again.. sobbs..  >.<"" well.. although didn't win anything.. but.. it's all because all of us didn't practice .. and was like last minute only join this competiton.. haha.. so.. got our experience now.. know what is MAPCU looks like.. and we will for sure be ready for next year.. pek kuan jie.. sure will call you liao this time.. hehe.. ^^ gonna train myself and participate again.. =)

(forget to take picture.. T.T)

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