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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mummy's day ♥

It's mother's day today. Wishing all moms.. 
You guys are the best =)

Actually planned to celebrate mother's day with amah them.. but went papa brought us there, amah say cancel jor.. lol.. don't know uncle say restaurant no fully booked or what.. aiya.. don't know la.. they also last minute only tell de.. mostly can't make it also even my parents can't make it as well because papa got singing competition.. other uncle don't know bust what la.. >.<" next time only everyone come out and eat again wor.. suan lo.. went back home because kakak no key to go in.. haha.. then accompany kor to Tesco to buy his New York Cheese cake for his mummy.. don't know wanna celebrate his mother's day or his day.. addicted to cheese so much.. swt la.. haha.. better treat me eat some.. =P chaozz bloggers..  

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