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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nordic Film Festival

Nordic Film Festival here we are.. movie time.. haha.. This event were held in the conference hall two days which is on the 27th of May 2010 (Thursday) and 29th of May 2010 (Saturday).. Not bad what this event.. its totally FOC and got refreshment provided somemore.. potato chips leh.. eat till siao lo.. so many of them.. kaka.. xD

12pm- The Candidate

6.30pm- Dead Snow

Poster of the day =D

Well.. overall.. both movie was not bad.. i'll go with the candidate first.. not bad la.. is about a crime and everything related to it.. lol.. don't know what i'm talking about.. zhong zhi leh.. not bad la.. =.=" Dead snow leh.. very funny.. few part was quite shocking.. as I know, zombies..yea.. so called zombies suppose to be those freaking scary type.. eat people. suck blood.. eat intestines.. in this movie.. those zombies did the same thing as well.. but they make it funny.. lol.. especially certain part like the intestine came out and a person hang on it.. like la the intestine so strong de.. can resist a weight of a human.. lol.. not only that.. a guy in that movie cut off his arm after bitten by a zombie.. coz he scare he will kena infected and become a zombie as well.. therefore.. at that moment itself, he cut off his arm using a SAW.. berry swt right? haha.. xD then hor.. one of the zombie suddenly appear and bite his dick.. wakaka.. and he's thinking should he cut off his dick as well?? kakaka... but he didn't at last.. lol.. 7 ppl went there.. none of them survived.. all killed by zombies.. all die in different kind of ways.. lol.. not bad la.. nice and funny.. caught people's attraction :D bye for now.. stay tune for the next two movies update.. ^^

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