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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One two three four, Freddy is coming for you~~

Finally.. i get to watch the movie that i wanted to watch so long.. wakaka.. *love to watch horror movie* =P well.. err.. this movie is not about ghost though.. erm.. how to say leh.. there's this guy.. FREDDY KRUEGER.. a man with burned face.. which kills people in DREAMS.. well.. although I keep dream recently.. haha.. but luckily I still manage to sleep well after I watch this movie.. well come on.. it's just a movie.. haha.. Overall.. this movie was awesome.. it makes me shock and shouted few times.. haha.. The director is good in making people feel.. what's going to happen next.. you know.. the suspens kind of feeling.. and the music.. the soundtrack.. make people feel more gan jiong.. haha.. XD I rated 9/10. Good movie.. a must to watch ^^

nice poster.. took it from google.. =D

Ticket ^^

After movie, went for a walk at I-City.. ^^ seems that there are changes jor from last time.. seems like there's a carnival there.. got many many stalls sells many many food and many many drinks.. and many many lightning toys.. since its I-City.. it's all about lights.. lolx.. but all those stalls all malays de lo.. kaka.. somemore got children's air playground.. Superman theme.. wish to play but I can't.. lolx.. didn't took much picture also because camera rosak jor.. kns de.. phone can't take also coz button problem.. =.=""   

see.. the picture like edited b4 jor.. but this effect abit nice though.. =D

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