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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time

Few days back, I had promised my aunt to help to teach her daughter to use facebook.. lol.. 11 years old.. haha.. so since I had time today, then i think i might can spend some of my time helping her.. promised to go around 2-3pm.. but because someone hor.. was doing his volunteer job at temple.. so came late to bring me.. lolx.. haha.. went to Aeon to buy movie ticket for Prince of Persia before we head to my aunt's house.. 

and i found this cash where the code is just different with one number.. interesting.. lolx.. :D

About the movie.. Prince of Persia.. Well.. one word.. nice lo.. haha..

movie poster =)

 Dastan was quite cute actually.. kaka.. xD

haha.. cute expression.. lolx..

And he really got a nice body.. All guys.. don't jealous ya.. You also can look like him if you work out.. lolx.. xP

See... 6 pack lehh... you got mou?? lolx.. xD

And I wish I could have the dagger too.. so that I can turn back time as well.. so that I can go back to my baby time again.. kaka.. ya ma.. coz hor.. being a baby most happy.. nothing to be worry about.. no class.. no work.. always got people carry.. hug.. kiss.. sek sek.. haha.. xD no need to move much also.. wanna eat or drink.. one magic action "CRY" and you got what you want.. and baby is just so so so so sooooooooooooo CUTE.. all small small de.. lolx.. i siao liao... baby disease come back again.. kaka.. back to topic.. lol.. aiya.. just go watch the movie la for those of you who haven't.. ^^

Few pictures from the scene xP

Dastan flying.. lolx..

nice one.. sweet.. =)
Great movie.. rated 9/10 =D

Movie ticket.. thx kor ^^

They in the real world.. lolx.. xD


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