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Friday, May 14, 2010

Short dream

This was really funny.. although sexy.. haha.. when i woke up.. all my buttons was opened.. and I don't know why and how.. I guess is I keep turn right and left ba.. plus its abit lose.. that's why lo.. haha... =.=" Had another short dream.. Don't really remember what happen.. but somehow I remember fighting with my family.. then I runaway from house.. Weird was.. cheryl was the one sending me.. but when she drove halfway, out of a sudden, she said she can't send.. and I don't know why Sharon was in the car too.. so both of us went out from her car and while walking back, I kena kidnapped.. =.=" someone just pulled me inside the car and I couldn't do anything about it.. but I thought I really kidnapped by bad people but then, I heard some familiar voice.. and i relief.. it was zain munna them.. they wasn't trying to kidnap me but wanna bring me out of the place..said that somebody is aftering me and soya.. yea.. soya.. which he's in the car as well.. >.<"" then also don't know why, we went to genting.. On the way time, many other people was chasing us.. with guns keep shooting.. swt swt swt.. When we reached genting, zain them were trying to distract their attention while me and soya run away.. We manage to escape from all those bad peoples and plan to have some rest in the hotel.. and when we wanna go inside, he saw few black guys waiting outside.. and then started to play basketball.. =.=" seems like he had to shoot few ball in then only can get pass through.. haha.. and when we were in the lift.. I saw ck inside.. just standing and smiling.. for no reason.. lol.. the lift closed and start to go up.. it was so long way up although it was just few floors... keep up and up and up.. but the lift door still haven't open.. then i realised, I was then awaked.. =.="" another weird dream of mine.. @@

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