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Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks Aris Cy =)

Lovely gift from kor.. inside, there were 26 small kind of.. sort of like certificates.. haha.. but each of it.. contains different advices.. wishes.. words.. sentence.. phrases.. and.. whatever it is.. haha.. thanks ya really appreciate it and i know it took lots of your time to do it.. don't complain la.. first gift to your sis.. like this only got heart ma.. =P haha.. anyway.. it's very meaningful to me.. i would try to follow your advice.. TRY la k.. sleep early a.. those facebook thing.. sure will try to sleep early de la.. you really like ah gong lo.. haha.. *but actually i like it because i know my noob kor kor care about me.. winks ^^* hehe.. nice bottle.. nice choice of colour as well.. as i love RED colour.. lolx.. as i know S&J got many choices of colour somemore rite? =P haha.. kla.. i think that's all about it.. arigato gozaimase.. toodles.. ^^

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