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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is for you Aris Cy

I hate you.. Is that what you think about me? 18 May 2010...1.10am.. With just one sms.. You make me cried.. Sometimes.. you don't know what I know.. what I think.. what other people told me about you.. for me was like.. WOW.. ok.. but.. hmm.. I don't know la.. an advice for you also.. if you not sure about something.. please make sure you conform what you know is right and don't say things which you think its right but actually it is wrong.. Sometimes you just have to know that.. what you see is not really what you think.. and what you think is neither what you see.. You don't get what I mean don't ya? Well.. It's complicated.. and sometimes.. I'm also confused.. Questions keep came into my mind sometimes.. why why why?? and what? what's the purpose of you doing this.. or that.. what would you get from it? What do you really wanna achieve? Whatever you said.. was just words?? or what?? That's why I said before I don't know what are you thinking.. what's in your mind.. Sometimes.. today you are Mr.A and the next day you would be Mr.B.. You know what?? sometimes, you just need to control your emotions.. don't let your emotions take control over yourself.. hmm.. you can think whatever you like.. do whatever you wanna do.. I'm tired.. really tired.. tired of explaining.. no matter what I do.. is always wrong.. all those 26 notes?? Are those just a matter of words only for you? Coz.. you can really see it you know.. you gave me justnow afternoon.. and when I did something which you don't like.. which you think it was wrong.. and you were like saying things upside down.. which with just an sms.. haha.. funny.. without even asking what's going on first?? What's with it now?? You know.. sometimes.. I don't know who should I trust.. all people around me.. I don't know which are real and which are fake.. sometimes I don't even know whether i can trust my own best friend.. Sharon.. yes..  Those comments that you guys commented at cheryl's picture? It hurt my feelings you know.. What she meant by we don't want her to follow us? Did I not ask her to go out? I did.. Perhaps you don't know.. sometimes when I ask her out.. she's the one who say she don't want.. "I don't wanna disturb you both go dating la".. I where "she de" become light-bulb.. and what so ever la.. actually.. I don't like it when she say like that.. but I just leave it.. can't I just go out with all my friends.. happily.. and enjoy our day together? =x What you have said already said.. and now I know what do you think.. Too late.. you hurt me.. I'm really disappointed with you.. hmm.. just forget about it will ya.. Prove me wrong if you think you were right....

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