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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Volunteer program@National Zoo

Went for a volunteer program at National Zoo..A very very great experience.. haha.. Everyone were been separated to few different groups where each group will be taking care of different places.. We were given a short briefing before we go to our own department..

The humanos :)

ADP students....

Testing 123 =p

lingling and sharon

Me, sharon, sher teng, and another two guys (ECU students-forget their name jor.. haha..) were together in the same group and were assigned to help at the reptile department..wahahha... sounds scary but it is fun though.. we get the opportunity to feed tortoise.. white rats (which will be snake food T.T) besides that, our job is to clean up the whole area and pick up leaves.. 

Cleaning up the place.. lolx

white rats T.T

Having fun with do re mi fa (4 tortoise)

Feeding time.. eat eat eat ^^

Turtle's shit =.="

Mr.Hafiz was the staff in charge for that department and also the person in charge to guide us what to do..oh man..i tell you.. he's full of knowledge man.. he knows everything about reptiles.. snakes.. crocodiles.. lizards.. everything..haha..  just ask him nia.. he will answer it.. he's a very friendly guy.. glad to know him.. =)

Reptile department =)

Pictures of us with animals taken during break time ^^ - Went to visit all animals.. haha.. xP Some of it nia.. there's more at the facebook profile.. Link is given below :D

The elephants ^^

At the ape centre =D

Its a flamingo I guess?? lol..

Stories from other friends :-

Chong heng need to cut horse meat.. yes.. HORSE MEAT... eww.. that's gross.. lolx.. pity woh sheng and vincent tong too.. heard what they say there's a very KUAI LAN de orang utan trying to throw papaya towards them.. haha..

Then leh.. sing how, wing hong, soya, desmond and chee siang more kolian.. not to feed animals.. or even clean up places.. but is to plant vegetables or flowers.. swt.. pity them.. because miko jie.. i mean mosquito really love them so much.. muahha.. xD

And not to forget.. this even worst.. ali, edric and few more guys.. they have to clean up SHITS.. omg.. I'm so thankful already because my work at the Reptile department are not that worst after all.. We still get to see lots of snake which they did not show it out lo.. those pretty but dangerous one.. wahahah.. xD

More and more pictures of animals =D

Giraffe hug hug =P

Take 2 =D


Goat aka Lim Chern YANG =P

Baby kangaroo.. so adorable ^^

Baby horse = Hobbit (brown) and Wizard (Black)

Squirrel in the cage

Sexy camel back =P

Babi hutan gua.. in english = forest pig?? haha.. xD

Bear standing.. lol

Mr.Hippo ^^ hippopotamus

Orang utan =D

Sleeping crocodile (cute right? hahaha.. xD)

Alex the lion with super power laser eyes.. hahaha... xD

Tiger going into water =)

The aquarium

3pm.. after we finish our work.. we are free to off.. finally.. after work whole day.. quite tiring de leh.. T_T went to enjoy the animal show.. haha.. sea lion.. so damn cute.. one was only 3 years old lo.. clap hand time so damn cute de.. kaka.. guess what.. spotted leng zai as well.. korean guy if not mistaken.. curi curi snap their picture jor.. =P

The show ^^


Left zoo around 4pm plus.. everyone was so tired.. after whole day working.. haha.. reached klang 1 hour plus later.. great experience for all of us.. well.. for others i'm don't know.. but for me it's quite worth it la.. because.. we gain lots of knowledge about animal facts that we don't really know usually.. come on.. who usually gets the chance to feed tortoise straight to their mouth so closely? and even sat on them and took lots of pictures.. hehe.. ^^ and one of the oldest one is already 100 years old plus.. can you guys just imagine that?? haha.. xD

All in this together =)

Main gate =)

More pictures at :

Diana's profile!/album.php?aid=236751&id=522909740 )

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                   = album 2!/album.php?aid=144508&id=1426901670&ref=pb

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