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Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 little piggies@Chriz Dance Studio xP

1st day of dancing class at Chriz Dance Studio today.. to learn HIP HOP ^^ haha.. This was Sharon's idea and I was like oklo.. give it a try because I'm interested also ma.. besides, first day of class is free de.. hehe ^^ so.. CK fetch me and Sharon to the studio at BBK.. me and sharon so gan jiong before going in.. and I don't know why.. swt.. haha.. when we went in, there were people practising and dancing in the room already.. I was thinking.. Are we late or something?? But I think we be there on time also a.. =.="" Waited for about half an hours then all those dancers came out and Chriz asked us to go in.. I was like.. owh.. okay.. We gonna start our lesson already?? I HAVE NO BASIC IN DANCING wan leh.. T.T I so scare if I can't catch up with them.. but.. everything was fine la so far.. She taught us the basic steps first before we start dancing.. The song of the day- The state of Empire by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and another one with faster beat, Move something by LL Cool J.. Sweat so much lo.. really really really tired.. don't think it's so easy lo.. haha.. When we were going back time, one funny thing happen.. hahaha... the door was glass and it looks abit transparent.. CK went down first and he wanna open the door  to go out.. and he BANG the door quite hard without noticing there was a door there.. hahaha.. poor CK..he thought there was no door.. lolx.. Sharon was like shock liao.. thought he bang on the big electric box or something.. and I can't stop myself from keep laughing.. wahahahaha.. opps.. xP *careless u*.. haha

Three of us then had our lunch at Setia Alam.. not bad la the food.. ^^ Planned to go Sunway for shopping de.. I even brought my clothes everything to bath and change liao de lo.. but leh.. kaka.. is like this de.. first we went back to Sharon's home to take her clothes.. then back to CK's house.. thought wanna bath there.. but still..end up CK bath nia.. me and sharon insist to bath at my house.. haha *coz we both are abit scare of his parents.. >.<"* after that, went to my house lo.. say wan bath?? end up?? sharon keep play and play the piano lo.. i no laptop to online also..coz brother took it out.. what can I do?? haha.. I went upstairs and SLEEP.. turn on my room's aircond.. I straight lie on my bed.. damn nice wei.. aircond just only repair nia somemore.. room damn cold cold de.. ^^ haha.. they thought I went up to bath I guess.. lolx.. you know what?? later on, CK and Sharon also came up to join me sleep.. kakaka.. three piggies sleep till 7pm.. haha.. from 2 or 3pm something.. till 7pm.. While I was still sleeping, Sharon suddenly came and hug me.. lolx.. after that, everyone then woke up.. realise time quite late also liao.. haha.. geng leh.. all influenced by Pei Ling.. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP... xP Sorry to CK because his shopping plan was canceled.. you also sleep till so song lo.. haha.. =p 

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