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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adidas Sale + Pizza Hut ^^

Afternoon time, followed mummy to fetch sister from KL..actually I wanna know the road.. so next time want go find her time I know how to go.. but leh.. mana zai.. mummy use another road today.. because scare jam.. go wrong road jor.. I also don't know how to go liao.. hahaha.. suan la.. lolx..

On the way time, I saw something.. something which attract my attention.. ADIDAS.. got clearance stock leh.. or something.. don't know what penjualan habis musim something.. but sure all very cheap de.. I want to go leh.. Who wanna bring me go? wuwu.. T.T

Date : 26th June 2010 - 4th July 2010
Time : 10am till 10pm
Venue : The mall, 3rd floor, Jalan Putra (Infront of PWTC)

Night time, papa suddenly mood good I think.. took us to Pizza Hut.. haha.. or maybe is just my bro and sis's idea... someone gonna be so jealous.. wahhahaha.. xP purposely take picture give you see wan lo.. hahaha.. ^^ one set for two people.. two pan of pizza.. 4 slices.. two soup.. two drinks.. a garlic bread.. which only cost you for RM17.. we order two set.. each of us get to eat four slices.. lol.. add cheezy lava somemore leh.. muahahaa.. =D

pizza 1 and pizza 2...

pizza 3 and 4.. another two more pizza with cheezy laza at the side.. yum yum yum =p

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