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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad day =X

Walao aaaaaaaa........... today don't know what happen to me.. =(  Feel like something wrong with me today.. How can I describe it? I very "lun zhun".. very blur.. very careless.. @.@" Like there is something bad just keep on happening to me on and on.. At college.. I can't remember much  but I remember I once almost slip off.. then.. when we were eating at village.. heng shen ordered chicken chop.. but i don't see he eating.. and as seems that he was still waiting for his food to come.. coz he keep look at the rest of us.. i mean me, jessie, wae yee and angel eating.. then i simply wanna joke with him "Chicken chop a chicken chop.. why my chicken chop haven't come de??" He looked at me and his expression states that "What is wrong with me.. lol.. " then he said he already eat finish liao.. I was like.. huh?? when you eat de?? I so damn blur lo.. he just sit right opposite of me nia lo.. @.@
This wan still ok.. after my account class, I walked pass by registry and saw the list of students who got outstanding fees and i notice my ID number was inside too.. then the notice states that we have to pay and settle our fees by next week.. if not, we probably can't sit for our finals or even can't enroll or do our pre-enrol for august sem.. I was like.. okay.. now only I know.. then i went to find coordinator.. a new indian lady staff was in charge about this.. Miss Sujitra something.. then she told that I had 1.2k of outstanding fees.. i asked what's that for and she ask me to go to the registry to take AR form..  don't know what's that.. then i go lo.. go till registry there.. that fella say that they cannot release the form to student.. i was like what the.. the miss just ask me go take lo.. =.=" then i bu gan yuan.. go coordinator room find her back.. she then called that registry guy.. and their conversation was so funny.. haha.. "Zahril, I'm gonna knock your head I tell u.. tadi, satu student pergi ambil AR form you bagi, sekarang lagi satu student pergi you tak bagi, macam mana ni darling?"  haha.. i stand beside and laugh silently nia.. kaka.. then end up, ask me go take INVOICE =.="" after that, I went back to registry to take the invoice lo.. Mana zai.. he say.. the damn stupid computer can't print it out.. WTF!!.. then he ask me to take the account statement from his collegue but.. BUT BUT BUT.. she's not in.. @.@ Need to come back in another 15 minutes like that.. ok fine.. I wait.. i go marketing a while.. heng a... =.="" Went back to registry and I thought I can finally get the account statement that I wanted.. then the lady ask me to fill up a form.. ok lo.. i fill.. after i fill finish... she said "Tunggu kita call baru boleh ambil ya? coz procedure requires 3 working days.." What la.. I need to pay on next week Monday but I can't know what I have to for also b? @.@ then she say latest also I can get it by Monday.. hmm.. then.. ok la.. can't do anything ady.. went all the way back to coordinator's room and told her that I have to delay another day because of the statement..she said ok.. finally kao tim.. =.="" Ulang-alik so many time.. walao a...... 
During night, I went to cinema and before I wanna go inside the hall.. HALL 3.. don't know why so shui.. I open it and knock my forehead on it.. and it was like so extremely hard.. It was so pain.. OMG.. T.T A few moment after that, BENGKAK jor.. walao.. like road de bonggol lo.. when you touch it as though as you can feel there is one small stick inside your forehead.. Waaa... T.T 

See.. T.T my face ady so zhao kao with the panda eye.. now plus the bonggol somemore.. T.T

front view >.<"

zoomed.. straight line..=X

side view.. like luo han fish liao.. come ask 4D number from me =.=""

Worst is.. I'm watching a ghost movie.. horror movie.. and the seats on my right was EMPTY de.. Creepy.. T.T Haunting lover- a chinese ghost movie.. well.. not so scary lo.. although few times got shock la.. haha.. rated 6/10 =)

movie ticket.. hall 3.. very shui.. T.T

This is what had happen to me today.. damn shui and unlucky day for me.. then suddenly remember about what wai mun's mum told.. suddenly feel worried.. hope that nothing's bad gonna happen again.. T.T


  1. kesian kesian~~
    hope ur bonggol cured soon~ ^^

  2. haha..
    so pity o....
    next time be careful la..
    take care la


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