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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bukit Cahaya trip

Finally.. get a chance to make myself run on a hill.. lolx.. Bukit Cahaya.. yea.. that's the place.. previously, Sharon, SM, and CK had already went there few times without me.. I was suppose to follow them as well but because of some reason.. I didn't follow them.. haha.. This time, I brought my brother there as well and he was liek so damn excited because he wanna go there and cycle.. haha.. 
Well.. SM pick each of us up and we reach there quite late. I was quite surprised to see a bunch of Red Crescent peoples there and as I know, my sister just went for her Tutti Fratelli camp today.. I didn't know that she's having her camp there.. haha.. what a coincidence.. 
Too bad for us,  we couldn't rent a single of bicycle and yet we have to wait for 200 plus more peoples even if we had already book.. LOL.. no choice.. have to walk.. haha.. my brother was so damn dissapointed.. face straight black black liao.. i see liao also bo song.. pattern lai liao.. when he didn't get what he wanted sure like this de.. Then, I went jogging with CK.. while Sharon, SM and my brother walk through the whole journey.. we were suppose to meet up at a place.. I don't know where la.. and we both run till half way also stop liao.. then continue walking.. swt la.. =.="" went to visit the Rumah Ilkim.. lolx.. turns out, Sharon them walk even faster then us.. haha.. so we both faster catch them up and walk together :D went to the camp site and found my sister there.. Seems that she were quite suprised to see us too.. ^^ 
Not bad la.. sweat a lot also.. did jogged and walked up and down hill.. a very good exercise liao lo.. haha.. we'll come back again for the bicycle.. ^^

signboard taken from google.. lolx

price taken from google also =p

Tired tired.. hungry hungry hungry.. sure need to eat lo.. haha.. Then went to eat Bah Kut Teh at Taman Rashna.. damn many people.. sure la.. because public holiday ma.. business so good.. and all of us like "shui tong" nia.. haha.. drink the soup so fast de.. keep add and add and add soup.. luckily the boss didn't chase us away.. lolx.. 

Waiting for the next Bukit Cahaya trip lo.. toodles.. ^^

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