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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chilling at Botanic Resort Club

Finally settle my outstanding fees today.. phew.. =.="" 

Evening time, went swimming + sauna + jacuzzi at Botanic Club.. oh yeah.. first time try the club's service.. haha.. last time wanna go de.. but got security problem.. i also pek cek liao.. don't want go ady.. haha.. then now since someone wanna pay for me.. then.. I don't mind go try lo.. haha.. thx anyway.. =) too bad you are member and I'm not lo.. =p hmm.. the swimming pool.. walao a.. 2m.. =.=" so damn damn damn deep.. plus I don't know how to swim de.. if I stay in the middle of water.. sure drown and die de.. hahaha.. sauna leh.. make my face red red.. lol.. I was quite scare to go alone actually.. imagine la.. the whole big bathroom.. only you alone inside.. quite creepy leh.. ya.. i admit.. i'm coward.. lol.. but I have to go in and bath also anyhow.. funny thing.. when I was doing sauna.. suddenly a lady came in.. thank god got people accompany finally.. then she pour some water to the charcoal.. I didn't know have to add water de.. paiseh lo.. didn't really tried a real sauna before.. haha. no wonder didn't feel hot la.. ish.. but add liao water also no feeling lo.. maybe at home de too hot ady.. so I didn't feel it gua.. haha.. well.. jacuzzi leh.. like normal lo.. water massage.. kaka.. I know I too wu liao liao.. like this also wanna take picture.. but.. its me.. can't do anything.. =p

locker =D

mirror =p


sauna room


ok.. I admit I'm FAT.. FML.. dieting.. lolx.. =p 

ish ish.. still small meh.. hahaha.. xD

my eyes are definitely bigger than yours this time :D

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