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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A date with Mr.Goat =p

Hang out with Mr. Goat today.. lolx.. evening time, eat with his mum.. Mrs. Lim.. lolx.. chat a lot with her.. and guess what.. her results si beh excellent de.. lowest mark is 86..  @.@ haha.. then as planned.. went to Mill wheel.. promise wanna treat him de.. see.. i say dao zhuo dao de lo.. =p

the spagetti looks geli leh.. =.="

he looks so fair rite? (got edit b4 liao de xP)

starwberry+chocolate.. this pic was taken long time ago.. but still the same one la.. haha.. xP 

chicken slices spagetti =D

bill.. lolx

model meh? =.="

Then went back home to put stuffs and grab some PINKY THINGY (pink day ma) =P Baskin Robbin..wahahaha... off to Sunway.. =D walk around.. loitering.. window shopping-ing.. camwhoring.. haha.. 

Baskin time ^^ it was so hard to make decison man.. coz all looks delicious.. haha.. Finally.. choosed two flavour which is the strawberry cheese cake and Jamoca Almond Fudge something.. lol.. yum yum yum... nice nice.. too bad its two small scoop nia.. so fast finish liao.. plus I this ice cream freak lai de.. haha..

I'm loving it =D

Went to play the shooting game.. too boring liao.. hahaha... >.<"

first time see ppl play seating de =.="

While waiting for movie time.. waited at Burger King.. ss time.. hahaha... 11.20pm =.=" well yea.. midnight show.. not I wanted la.. but that's the only time available for today.. weird lo =.=" 

goat's specs =P

ss freak... hahaha

piggy sleeping.. xD

like wan die nia.. @@

Papa called 10 times and I didn't pick up.. mati mati.. T.T but went home, he also sleep ady..  phew.. well.. back to this movie.. Nanny Mcphee.. quite nice and funny la.. but not as good as the first one though.. this episod abit too "kua zhang" liao.. but i like the ending though.. where all those kids chase the nanny back.. hehe.. rated 8/10 =D

movie poster

hahahahahahah........... =D

nanny mcphee ^^

one of the kua zhang part.. lol.. =.="

movie ticket.. =D

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