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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dentyne on the chew

Dentyne came to our college and have a promotion.. not to say promotion also la.. well.. simple.. of we have to do is just log in into our facebook and click LIKE on the Dentyne Confidance page.. and we'll get a free Dentyne.. Log in five accounts and we'll get a free Dentyne Splash.. It's just that simple.. especially for a person who has alot of  facebook accounts like me.. haha.. ^^ Well.. not all my account la.. my friends de la.. ^^ So, I logged in 11 accounts and in total I got 11 normal Dentyne and 2 Dentyne Splash.. eat till I siao lo.. haha.. xD

This is what I left after distribute some and taken by others xP

And Wai Mun told me something bad about me today.. sobbs.. Started to feel scare liao.. =( She told me that her mum told her I think last two weeks liao.. and she did't have the chance to tell me because didn't get a chance to meet me in college.. she said when I first went to her house during the CNY visiting.. and.. her house hor.. her mum got do "tiao dang" wan.. don't know how to explain but sort of like god go inside people's body.. then one day when her mum was doing "tiao dang" thing, suddenly her mum called her and she was scare too like had she done anything wrong or what... but then, her mum asked her "WHO IS PEI LING?" and at that moment, I don't know what to say and how should I react.. OMG.. why even the god wanna find me? >.<"" then she say the god told that my luck is not really good.. as in cantonese "SI WAN DAI".. Ask me got free time go her house and pray.. siao liao lo.. scare ady.. T.T

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