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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Duan Wu Jie kuai le ^^

Duan Wu Jie kuai le o.. ^^ yeah.. it was also the so called rice dumpling festival where all chinese will make "ba zhang".. I don't know for what purpose I just know how to eat.. lolx.. I ate few of it liao de few days back because grandma make it jor.. then kakak bring back so i ma eat lo.. for me special de.. got more ingredient.. especially my egg.. "xian dan" ^^ yumm.. yumm.. yummmy... hehe.. here's a picture of food cooked by lovely grandma.. ho liao de.. hahaha.. =D

Speech o speech... I love you.. Please cooperate with me ya? I will for sure try my very best to speak you out and get a good grade.. lol.. what tok me.. @.@ I keep practice infront of the mirror justnow and keep walk around in parent's room. My dad then came in and listen to my whole speech. He clapped hand after I finish speaking. He said that it was good and gave me some advice to be calm and steady. My mother came out from the toilet and just could say "Why are you keep calling your own name?" lol.. haha.. Yea.. It was my dream.. and I was talking about a story in my dream and in the dream, I was the main character.. sure got my name de lo.. haha.. xD And I think I'm ready. Bring it on babe!!!.. haha.. I just hope that I won't be too nervous until I forgot everything I wanna say.. >.<"" Helped Sharon with her speech.. Feel abit excited liao.. kakaka.. Can't wait for tomorrow's speech.. hee.. =D Bless me oo ^^


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