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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emo-ing =X

Haiz haiz haiz haiz haiz!!!!!!!!!! Don't ask why.. Just feel wanna haiz... dissapointed.. moodless.. stressed.. frustrated.. and SPEECHLESS.. @.@ *

You *SHUO HUA BU SUAN HUA* Don't know whether I say it correctly or not but I know the meaning can liao la.. I still remember what you told me and I did told you about this also.. You say "Won't a.. Why will like that leh??" but.. turns out..?? just as I HAD EXPECTED.. Well?? HA HA HA.. I tried to work it out.. but seems that.. no use jor.. fine ba.. Hmm... =X 

Speeh o speech.. What should I do with you?? I planned to talk about music then now change to dream.. In my dream, includes UFO.. aliens.. and now witch?? MAGIC?? @.@ I wonder how I'm gonna end my story and I wonder how will I speak this thursday.. =( Say wanna finish it up by tonight.. but end up do till half way only.. tomorrow still have to rush my eco assignment which have to pass up tomorrow morning.. =.=" although got whole day to prepare for my speech, but I should have already done it and start practicing and memorize abit liao.. not still writing it.. haiz.. =.=" Sleep better.. nitezzz.. >.<"

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