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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fete De La Musique 2010

FDLM.. Fete De La Musique 2010 is finally here.. haha.. I'm one of the crew for this event.. and I'm in charge of VIP.. but leh.. not really got do anything also.. haha.. for the whole day.. we were enjoying the performances.. haha.. got free lunch from McD and dinner from food court.. it was also the first time I stay so long at KP... from 9.30am till 10pm.. whoaa... I'm proud of myself.. haha.. actually I do enjoy in helping this kind of event.. plus its a musical event somemore.. I get to see many fantastic and fabulous performances.. not only from my own friends.. but also from other people from everywhere.. I will perform if I'm ready.. it's cool you know.. but too bad not ready yet.. I'm not a good singer.. although my parents are.. and I'm not a good dancer also.. but I'm in the learning process.. so.. wait me up folks.. =D haha.. back to this event.. haha.. hmm.. overall.. its awesome la.. we are just lacking of audience..T.T so less people come support de lo.. haizz.. one thing I don't like is.. the BAND.. walao.. so noisy.. you though we are having a rock star concert meh? Jonathan also one de.. go call all those band come perform.. T.T the english band still ok lo.. they didn't shout.. singing was quite nice also.. others leh.. all malay band de.. all use scream and  shout.. shake head wan lo.. somemore even kneel on the floor.. give people complain somemore.. T.T others was okay lo.. Stepz dance a... came late 5seconds.. 5 SECONDS nia lo.. haizz.. they were suppose to perform for the VIP de.. but almost time already but they still didn't turn up, then Mathew call all those VIP go up to have their refreshment.. coz don't wanna make VIP wait liao.. once Mathew ask them to go up.. Stepz arrive liao.. ishh... no luck.. haizz.. but their dance was.. fuh.. nice.. Chriz I love you!!!!!.. hahaha... saw my dance steps.. decided to learn back dancing.. don't care dad give or not.. I will use my allowance to pay the fees then.. I insist to learn!!! =D
Conclusion is.. Fete De La Musique was a success!!! Good job everyone =)

event poster =)

Few pictures taken from HICT's and Apple's album :

ling, sharon, angel =)

ling and dennie =D

the time where the audience were the most.. haha.. xD

Yang Berhormat Tuan Teng Chang Khim, together with HICT CEO/President, Dr. Lim Chooi Peng and Yang Berbahagia Mr. Jacky Ng, officiating the Fete de la Musique Malaysia in Klang.

Yang Berhormat Tuan Teng Chang Khim receiving a souvinier from Dr. Lim Chooi Peng.

Official Drum Performance by Kids of Bodhi

Klang School Superstar Finalist Performance by Ms. Lin Qiao En.

I am the King!!! a performance by Huang Jordan

Hello, my name is handsome! =P A performance by Harry Wong

A performance with Mongolian Traditional Attire.

A duet by Chong Heng & Chern Yang of HICT!

Cool rendition of Lady Gaga's songs by Cheryl & Neo.

Hip- Hop Dance Performance by STEPZ

Hip Hop Dance Performance by Raydio Dance Academy

Let's Come Together! A dance performance by Raydio Dance Academy

Breakdance Performance by Raydio Dance Academy

Jeddy--- Breakdancer, from Raydio Dance Academy

Sexy belly dancer from Dance Floor Dance Academy

Sexy red one xP

Chinese Instrument: GuZheng, as performed by T'eh Shin Yee & Chew Kwai Gyee of Tarrega Guitar House

Flying Kick by United Taekwondo Training Centre Student.

Pek Kuan in the house yo!! =D

United Taekwondo Training Centre Team

(ps: all this were just some of the performances.. there are more.. check it out at Apple's profile in facebook la.. =D )

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