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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy birthday to Angel and Timun dear =)

BBQ Plaza.. is our place of the day.. haha.. what a starting.. lolx.. had a fabulous birthday celebration for angel and timun dear.. timun's birthday is on the June 11th while angel's one was on thr 29th June.. So we decided to pick a date between to celebrate their birthday together =) two more ji mui join us today.. sm and ck kor kor.. give a round big of applause.. *clap clap* i sot jor.. =.="" anyway.. will procees straight to the pictures.. once again.. Happy sweet 19th birthday to both of you lo.. be happy and stay pretty always =) muaxx.. XOXO..

love this picture so much.. hehe.. ^^

birthday cake from Lavendar=)

muaxx =)

the white family.. lolx =D

dearss =)

Ji mui roxx =D

the baby in the middle from next table de.. cute ma.. =p

two by two =)

Hair advertisement.. lol

all girls =)

all in this together =D

ss in the toilet.. our normal routine =D

the lens =p

ling ss time.. haha.. =D

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