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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Go Lucky@Secret Recepi

Hang out with both of my dears, Cheryl and Sharon.. and long time didn't meet de friend Nicholas.. although still got contact online.. in facebook.. lolx.. ^^ I was not in plan actually.. Cheryl then asked me to go along then oklo.. since I go home also do nothing.. haha.. they planned to watch Nightmare in the elm street de.. but because I watch already, then they changed it.. lol.. I told them to watch without me but they don't want.. sorry lo... I don't know you guys go there just for the purpose to watch nightmare de lo.. nobody tell me also.. if not, I can don't wan go de a.. >.<"
Finally, watched Happy Go Lucky.. haha.. all very satisfied and enjoyed the movie also I guess.. nice and funny.. lolx.. Singapore movie is always so funny.. and meaningful because we can learn lessons from the movie.. Like this movie, is about gambling.. Let people know, what will be the consequences if we are too addicted to gambling.. lolx.. I'm writing a essay now.. haha..

movie poster =)
beginning of the movie.. xP
Hamsap lou uncle.. =p
Don't bully my Donna.. lolx.. 
Sobss  =(
Money drop from the sky?? Report to police =.=""
Movie ticket

They in the real world =D

While waiting for movie time, we went to Secret Recipe.. have a sweet tea time with cakes and tea ^^ while chit-chating and gossiping.. =D I've been addicted to New York Cheese cake.. lol.. influence by someone already.. but it's really nice though.. =) all of us ordered different types of tea and cakes.. haha.. xD

Teas =)

cakes <3

sugar and cream.. haha

random us ^^

ling like no bone and cheryl just like zombie.. swt.. kaka..

sharon and nic =)

Tea time ^^

ss time - ling and cheryl <3

Ck came after then to join us for movie.. pity him.. have to sit beside a guy which very smelly de... kaka.. =p

ling and cheryl again in the toilet =p

three of us..muaxx ^^

After movie, Ck and Sharon followed me back home to pack my clothes and stuffs then send me and my brother to 3-yi's house.. She call me to stay her house tonight since popo will be there as well.. haha.. It's 3-yi zhang's birthday as well.. she bought a very chocolatety cake from Lavender.. Well.. not bad is not bad la.. but too many chocolate liao for me.. Still prefer Secret Recepi wan.. =P Next time, buy back your baskin robbin de la.. lolx.. Happy birthday to 3-yi zhang once again =D

Stupiak kor lost his Nokia hp today.. =(  So careless leh you >.<"" Berry swt lo.. put phone inside car.. forget to lock car, like this also can give people steal the phone away.. luckily your car is safe =.=" How you gonna explain to your sister? haizz.. quickly buy a new phone la.. lolx.. 

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