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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday blue~~

Had my COM212 quiz 1 today.. walao wei a.... damn damn hard lo.. for me la.. because I didn't really read.. just read through those slides nia.. die liao lo.. 40 MCQ and 40 TF questions.. die liao lo.. T.T

Mr.Yap treat me and Sharon eat at Secret Recepi.. haha.. had my new york cheese once again.. hehe.. xP sharon had her expresso cheese while Mr.Yap had his blurberry cheese cake.. ^^ someone's really gonna "gucci" me kao kao lat if I keep saying this infront of him.. haha.. have fun chit-chatting and gossiping with our so called "papa".. =)

Wo Ai De Ren by Chen Xiao Chun :-

wo zhi dao gu shi bu hui tai qu zhe
wo zong hui yu jian yi ge shen me ren
pei wo guo mei you le ta de ren sheng
cheng jia li ye zhi lei de deng deng
ta zuo le ta jue de dui de xuan ze
wo zhi hao zhu fu ta zhen de dui le
ai bu dao wo zui xiang yao ai de ren
shei hai neng yao wo zen yang ne
wo ai de ren bu shi wo de ai ren
ta xin li mei yi cun dou shu yu ling yi ge ren
ta zhen xing fu xing fu de zhen can ren
rang wo you ai you hen ta de ai zen me na me shen
wo de ai ren ta yi you le ai ren
cong ta men de yan shen shuo ming liao wo bu ke neng
mei dang ting jian ta huo ta shuo( wo men)
jiu xiang ting jian ai qing yong heng de chao xiao sheng 

haha.. don't know why.. after viewing someone's blog.. keep listen to this song many many time.. then feel like posting this.. berry swt right? =.="" pek cek- ing with speech right now.. for this coming thursday de.. T.T i wanna do about music.. but i don't know how to write and how to start leh.. T.T now still got time blogging =.="" bb la.. swt.. @.@

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