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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over 50 @.@

Got my INT113 result and I was quite satisfied with the result.. hehe.. 48 over 50.. haha.. xD As Dr. Leow said, many got 40 and above as well.. and what shock was an open book test also got people can fail.. and when he read out the answers for us.. what the.. really swt lo.. =.=" Talking about nonsense and crap nia.. example of marketing production.. KFC.. then keep relate other question with CHICKEN.. what people need to eat chicken.. wth.. =.=""

Ish.. sei kor.. His ECO322 midterm.. get 47 over 50.. yala know you get very high la.. ish.. sien  liao.. =.=""
Watched  Nanny McPhee in PPS also.. introduced by kor.. nice nice.. heard that there's part two showing in cinema.. must go watch liao.. hehe.. ^^

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