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Sunday, June 27, 2010

RM200 cherries @.@

Today I ate cherries.. which cost about 200 bucks plus.. lol.. grandma keep promote somemore.. keep ask me eat.. swt la.. =.="" but its delicious and sweet though :D

Is this a cherry btw?? I suppose so.. lol..

There you go.. RM200 fly away liao.. =D

Stupiak kor gave 30 bucks to someone that he don't know.. a lady suddenly came approach to him and ask money because need to pay her mum's medical fee.. what the.. swt la.. @.@ will ya do the same if you were in this kind of situation too? lolx.. =D

Took this few pictures from my aunt's phone.. so cute and adorable.. omgiee... hahaha.. xD

love you hao hao.. muaxx muaxx.. XOXO.. 

ng bing hao-- haven't 1 year old yet.. ^^

piak... haha.. xD

blur face.. hahaha..

this pose dangerous leh.. lolx.. xP

lolx.. hao hao seems enjoying.. hahaha.. =p

Ok.. after this gonna start working on my speech 5- Show what you mean.. haha.. my speech is on Thursday.. gosh.. 6 minutes leh..not short de lo.. @.@ although I already had my topic, but I still need to think of something to write on though.. gambateh Pei Ling!!! =)

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