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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Watched Sex and the city 2.. hohoho.. this movie is awesome man.. full of FASHION..=D my godness.. all the four ladies.. which is the main characters.. keep change clothes de.. so nice man.. so many clothes.. @@ and all look so nice.. elegant.. pretty.. luxury.. amazing.. sexy.. they are just so marvellous.. hahaha.. =D this movie quite funny also.. expecially the Samantha Jones.. so into guys and SEX.. hahaha... nice movie.. rated 9/10 =)

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This time really kena liao.. don't know is papa don't know I went out leh or he know I still outside.. he lock door ady.. I can't get inside.. my brother also sleep liao.. sister not at home also.. mummy off her phone somemore.. I don't dare to call daddy.. nobody can help me that time.. T.T because the door only can be open from the inside.. i try to open side window.. side door.. can't go in also.. call house phone few times.. nobody pick up.. sure la.. all at upstair.. who wan choi me wor.. haizz.. thx to ck for accompany me though.. ask him go back sin don't want.. >.<" i thought I will be sleeping in car liao de.. since car didn't lock also.. haha.. end up.. mummy came down suddenly and open door for me.. haha.. she didn't say anything la.. i also keep quiet.. went in.. online a while then go sleep.. haha.. =D Haizz.. miss cinderella ling ling is like this de lo.. next time need to find key for side door liao.. in case kena lock outside again.. haha.. lol.. bless me.. =.="

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