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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speech 4- Doing things with words =)

Here's the day.. finally arrives.. We gonna present our speech 4 which is about 4 minutes for our public speaking class which is doing things with words.. haha.. I believe.. most of everybody have been preparing for it long.. So do I.. but actually I start practice my speech the night before.. haha.. but then, I keep practice and practice.. Before the speech, I was so damn nervous.. lolx.. my heartbeat was beating so fast.. hand were so cold.. damn.. just imagine how nervous am I that time.. plus.. so many audience came in and watch.. increase my nervessnous.. @.@ swt.. but overall.. I succeeded.. I manage to finish my speech.. I did't forget my line.. although got few part abit kek.. haha.. got B++ for it.. not bad la.. hehe.. well done to me..  =) 

Here's my speech =)

Topic: Dream
Begin with a song-  “I have a dream, a song to sing”

I stared at the starless sky. It was a time of quiet and of waiting. The environment was so cold and tender. A light wind blew up upon me and it was so peacefully until i suddenly heard a very loud noise as though as a plane was about to crash. It wasn’t true was it? Could I be imagining? Goodness, a spaceship was landing! I ran to it, expecting to see, aliens from a planet far away. But out of it streamed.. it wasn’t any aliens or creatures with their strange looks or even if it has three eyes as i had expected but turned out was an old lady who was wearing a black wizard dress with a huge hat covering her blonde curly hair. She was holding a wand on her hand as though as she was going to cast a spell on me anytime at that moment. She has two big moles just right on top of her lips, a long and round nose, a bunny teeth which came out and few red dotted pimples on her cheeks which make her looked very ugly and evil. I was totally freak out at that moment and before I could do anything, “Eenie meenie mani mo.. Expeliarmus!!” There she goes, she cast a spell on me and just in one glance, when I open my eye, I got shocked. My skin was scaly and green. My fingernails were long and yellow. I had a big, long tail. I was a dinosaur! A huge T-Rex dinosaur. I was no where but in a world of dinosaurs. Later on, I saw another dinosaur and it was going to attack a little boy. I ran as fast as I could to save the boy. I catch it, grab its body and bit it as hard as I could. The dinosaur turned around and looked fiercely at me. It was going to attack me but then I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran and ran and ran.
"Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" I was screaming. Then I heard a voice. “Pei Ling, wake up! Pei Ling, wake up!” My mother was shaking my body and was about to splash my face with water if I still not waking up in any moment. I woked up and looked around. It was just a dream. I feel relief and couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I recall back my dream. I would like to be a dinosaur in my dream again.
Thank you.

And here's my result.. ^^

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