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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Start diet-ing ^^

Had my INT113 midterm exam.. it was so called "open book exam" haha.. all essay questions.. write till my  hand wan ki siao liao.. lolx.. two A4 size testpad full lo.. >.<"" 

Today have to start diet-ing.. lolx.. evening time, went jogging at Botanic garden with kor.. lol.. I really cham jor.. so long didn't exercise and training.. jog a while nia tired liao.. =.=" and I easily give up.. tired liao.. don't wanna continue run ady.. last time i still try my very best to finish up although I'm damn tired.. haha.. siao liao lo.. 10KG gone liao.. @.@ but one thing is.. the place were so beautiful and cool because gam gam after rain.. feel very calm.. ^^ Haha.. the funny thing was.. when the weather is getting darker.. I felt scare of that "thing"... so called ghost.. lol.. grabbed kor to walked as fast as we could back home.. paiseh lo.. ur mei me really dan xiao wan lo.. =.="" so conclusion.. at least I did some exercise lo.. kaka.. xP

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