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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Super Mummy@Daddy Karaoke

Papa joined this so called "Super Mum and Dad Karaoke" competition.. Me as the good daughter went to support daddy for sure.. hahax.. XOXO... Overall there's 23 participants and he's the num 15 one.. ^^ The microphone really kns wan lo.. when my dad was singing time, the music suddenly soft and become loud back de.. what the.. =.="" sound systems sucks.. haizz.. well.. no luck for my daddy this time.. he didn't get any prize.. but nevermind.. gain experience lo.. ^^ and still got many more championship.. papa, jia you ba.. ^^

The signboard =.=" lazy to take other pictures.. not like me right.. lolx

After the competition, went to Wai Mun's house to pray as been told.. Was damn gan jiong and scare.. especially when I see her mum.. her mum thanks me for coming and said that the god had finding me for almost a month plus.. gosh.. that was long.. T.T then she asked me to pray.. and giving me some guideness.. coz I also don't know what to say to god also at first.. >.<" She say ask the god here I am.. and ask the god the reason of finding me.. pray to god to bless me and so on.. what I hope.. and hope not to happen (bad thing happen) Phew.. relief abit after praying.. really hope that nothing bad is gonna happen to me.. or even my family and friends.. Hope that everyone will stay happy and safe.. God bless us =)

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