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Saturday, July 3, 2010

9 temple @.@

Another thai movie.. 9 temples.. after the last one which is the haunted room which is not scary at all.. =.="  quite sien lo this movie.. don't know is i sleepy or wat la.. but got few part really make me shock and scream.. siao vicky still can listen to songs.. ownself so scare liao still wanna scare me...hahaha..  guess this should be his first time watching ghost movie ba.. kor also damn shock when vic say he willing to go and watch.. hahaha.. chern han said that this is the most boring movie that he ever watched.. lol.. got so cha meh.. haha.. but.. the mekap for the ghost and scary face.. really pro wei.. damn disgusting lo.. eww... and another thing.. i don't really understand this movie.. it's like... got two story.. but they link together de.. but i don't get it what it's it related with leh?? haha.. swt.. =.=" anyway... normal la.. thai movie ma.. should not expect so good also.. rated 6/10 la.. =D

movie poster

the mum.. weird mum @.@

the main characters.. nat and poon.. lolx

model pose wei.. kaka.. xD

movie ticket.. >.<"

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