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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Broga Hill =D

The night before when i was watching twilight, Sharon then suddenly jio me to join chriz and other dance frenz to Broga Hill.. and when i ask her when, time everything.. she say later 4.30am. I was like.. WTH? haha.. really damn last minute.. lolx.. called my dad to ask permission.. he was not so happy because its a sudden plan after all.. and not really want me to go coz he was worried about my safety.. and was like going in the early early morning.. but after explaining bla bla bla.. i still insist wanna go.. went back time he also ask many many thing.. but guess he also know.. his daughter is stubborn.. can't stop her.. haha.. but nothing can happen de la..  i'll be safe.. lol.. 

Broga hill.. first time been there.. well.. the journey was not that difficult la actually.. not that challenging.. well not to show off myself but that's the fact.. lol.. 8 of us all together.. two cars.. but we reach there quite late actually.. 4am wake up.. around 5am chriz fetch us.. then gather and wait for everyone to reach already almost 6am plus.. i was sleeping on the way time.. kaka.. well.. we didn't miss the sunset.. but actually.. we can't really see it also...swt.. haha.. but overall.. it was enjoying and fun.. took a lot of crazy camwhore pictures around of coz.. haha.. the view was nice.. =)

view 1

view 2

view 3

don't know why.. just felt that i look cute here.. =p

and this.. =D

us ^^

watch your steps.. ^^

taken by chriz.. nice =)

lol.. siao po jumping.. hahaha.. xD

chriz said : wahh.. she can do that pose just by using her toes.. li hai li hai.. kaka.. xP

nice picture.. love it.. ^^

on top of the world =D

look up there...

Starting to take crazy pictures ady.. haha.. xD

take 1.. very normal.. haha

take 2 ^^ haha.. i jump so high.. lolx.. siao po betul me.. haha

take 3 ^^ ah hee salute siapa.. lolx

take 4^^ 1234 jump jump jump!!

take 5^^ ah hee de hand =.=" (sky mj.. lol)

take 6^^ hand by hand.. =D

all of us together.. Chriz and dancezzz.. =D plus three girls from Stepz =p

I was sleeping in the car going back time.. a whole day journey.. enjoy.. have fun.. tired.. haha.. reach Klang quite early.. around 10am plus reach jor lo.. and they decided to eat at KP.. me and sharon was like.. oh no.. not Kp again.. >.<" but nevermind lo.. end up eat at Food court.. haha.. wanna play bowling after that but seems everyone one was tired so after a short walk at Giant.. then all went back home lo.. happy send me back.. now only I know all of them stay so near to me.. haha.. chriz stay at Kg Jawa.. happy and xin yi stay at Sentosa also.. good.. we can hang out together more often next time.. happy can fetch me to dance class also.. hee ^^ good day.. nice trip.. we shall go again next time.. plan more trip to other places lo.. ^^ hope tomorrow got energy for dance class.. lolx.. kaka.. xD

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