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Friday, July 16, 2010

Chat with Woh Sheng at msn.. I wanna ask him about our INT project.. and we both can be so talkative.. talk so many thing.. lol.. from INT to buddhist camp to famine 30 to sport science and to halo forest.. haha.. geng leh.. lolx.. =D

Hmm.. I wonder.. what is love?? I chat with Kezvin justnow.. he told me his gf don't want him ady.. and their relationship was affected by a guy which her gf only know for two months.. where he and his gf's relationship already 2 years and 5 months.. just imagine that.. how sad would he be? T.T more worst is.. they broke up on the 10th and his final was on the 12th.. he didn't study at all.. omg.. he must be very very sad right now.. hmm.. all i could say is.. Maybe is just not your fate.. be strong k .. take care my friend.. =)

Haha.. i read this from desmond's blog..whereby he wrote about the movie twilight that he went to watch.. it's quite meaningful.. hmm.. 

"Overall the story was okay cause there are few parts which are quite confusing..
Bella loves Edward but she loves Jacob at the same time.. She still can tell Edward ' I love him.. but I love you more'.. From there, I learned something, a guy will do almost everything for a girl even die for her but at the same time, a girl still can love 2 guy ==' "

Don't know what will happen tomorrow.. hope there's a good and happy ending.. off to bed now.. nite all =)


  1. hehe... thanks for dropping by.. about the tenji which is rm58 nett is the lowest price d.. if at night eat will be more expensive..


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