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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Colourful Monday =)

I saw two NIKE bag at 2nd floor basketball court there.. both also very nice leh.. one was RM100++ while another one was RM200++ @.@ I want it leh.. huhu.. T.T
[ I'm giving hint now : Buy for me as my birthday present =p Got discount de lo ^^ ] haha.. =p 

1st bag =D

2nd bag =p

Empire!!!! All my wonders built finish already!!! Except there's one I can't build yet because it requires level 32 to do so while I'm still in level 30... hehe.. coming soon de la.. xD

Webcam.. Hohoho.. I just love to take pictures when I'm web-caming.. I can see many funny and cute pose from the people whom I'm web-caming with.. kaka.. [You know who you are] xP

Speech 7 : Speaking to inspire?? I NEED A TOPIC.. @.@
I'm thinking thinking thinking about you.. =x
got few ideas.. but still don't know what to do.. haizz.. 
someone said wanna learn piano.. then suddenly something strikes into my mind.. 
how about doing something which related with music, piano, and inspiration.. 
but I still can't figure out a suitable topic.. lol.. 
off to bed sin.. tomorrow only think ba.. It's already 2am.. >.<" nitez all =D

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