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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Despicable Me xD

Went to MBO Cinema for the 2nd time.. haha.. watched Despicable Me movie.. yea.. a cartoon movie.. after so long.. the last one was how to train your dragon movie if i'm not mistaken.. haha.. zac told me it was very nice justnow afternoon.. then during night i went to watch ady.. kaka..Well.. this movie was about a guy, Mr.Gru.. excent damn funny de.. he's not really a good guy at first.. when he adopted three girls which is Margo, Edith, and Agnes.. everything started to change.. and Agnes.. she is so so soooooooo....cute!!!! haha.. all of them were cute.. i like Edith's pinky hat... not to forgot also.. those "cousins" of Mr.Gru.. the yellow tiny peoples.. like banana nia.. lolx.. some with single eyes and some with doubles.. the way they talk so cute lo.. kaka.. overall.. this movie is damn funny and nice.. a must to watch.. hahaha.. xD rated 9/10 =D


this is Mr.Gru =D

the "cousins" of Mr.Gru =p

closer shot xD

Can you tell us bedtime story?? awww... :)

Adith.. lolx.. =D

from right (Margo, Agnes, Adith) =D

on the roller coaster.. xD

shooting alien.. haha

waiting at the ballet class xP

The bad guy- Vector.. loves to say "OH YEAHH... " =.=""

Check this video out.. the part when Agnes said about the Unicorn and the pok pok pok action... xP and there's a banana guy shooting action at the end ^^

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