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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Graduation speech

No.. This is not what I wanted.. but I know this is all what I deserved to.. 
I was so nervous.. obviously I'm too rush.. and I know I'm not very well-prepared enough..
I forget my speech few part.. and I did stunt awhile.. and that's not not not good... T.T
haizz.. but.. i regret now also no use liao.. also over jor.. End up.. still getting a B+
but anyhow.. I'm graduate finally from my public speaking course!!! :D
Next week is final exam.. 3 papers to go.. econs on Monday.. Accounts on Tuesday and final paper INT on Wednesday.. Clubbing on Thursday?? Sorry Mathew.. don't think I can join because.. err.. haha.. don't know.. seems like someone really influenced me enough not to go club.. lol.. 

To someone.. it's not the matter of going back or what.. you still don't get it don't you? I HATE PEOPLE LIE TO ME.. and you did it twice straight.. come on la.. don't want ma say don't want lo.. i okay de ma.. i didn't force you to give me drive also.. T.T say i bo song.. yala.. bo song with your attitude.. suan liao la.. tired.. =x 

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