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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ A great evening ♥

Woohoo.........^^ You know what?? I drove!! kaka.. and this time.. to highway lo.. pass by traffic jam.. omg.. damn gan jiong.. somemore night night.. dark dark can't really see the road.. i thought mummy was gonna ask me to drive around the parking area.. but then she ask me turn outside.. then go to the main road.. haha.. geng leh.. she trusted me.. hahaha.. but amazingly.. i didn't die-engine lo.. paiseh.. direct translate.. haha.. i think probably is coz of saga car gua.. coz i drive ck's car also won't die de.. and this car.. damn nice to drive.. gear berry smooth.. nice nice.. if i could own this car some day.. already enough for me.. papa faster buy new car for mummy.. then i got car to drive liao.. bleks.. =p why suddenly drive de? haha.. actually.. went jogging with her at komplex sukan.. while my brother went swimming.. pity him have to swim alone.. coz.. i bu fang pian go in water =p well.. i managed to run least.. i can continue if i want to de.. but then i thought of doing some stretching.. so i stopped.. but then hor.. all the malay guys around keep staring at me.. as though they didn't see before people doing stretching.. lol.. i went to find mummy after that.. she run 5km leh.. LMAO.. both of the twins uncle came too.. then all of us walked together another round.. then so funny lo.. me and one of the uncle compete "pumping".. lol.. don't forget i used to be an athlete lo.. u sure u wanna compete?? haha.. so funny when he do sit up.. back arch with me.. do 3 time beh liao.. coz as they said.. bone hard liao.. =p i did 25 times of pumping.. as uncle asked me to.. 30 times of back arch.. and don't know how many time for sit up jor.. 20+ haha.. so nice.. so long didn't really do all this exercises jor.. we shall go again next time.. mummy say wanna bring me go climb hill with her friends.. where when they came down from hill.. need to drink alchohol.. i wonder how's the situation gonna be??   haha.. enjoyed my evening.. felt sleepy right now.. guess i'll be sleeping early tonight =)

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