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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Haiyakkk!!!! xD

Whoaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! KARATE KID!!!!!!!!! Finally I get to watch it after so so long.. wanna watch it last week but couldn't get to buy the ticket and this week.. bought the ticket earlier in monday and yeahhh... watch it today which is wednesday... omggoshhhhhhh......this movie is so freaking fucking awesome amazing marvellous!!! haha.. love it so so much... watched it with ck, alex, and heng shen.. ls suppose to follow us but she say don't want last minute.. so i call our xiao qin jie jie lo.. kaka.. i also brought my brother to watch along.. he definitely felt very very happy too.. and both of us were so high in the cinema time.. keep laugh.. giggle.. and so crazy.. haha.. we both were same.. both also sot sot de.. kaka.. sad was.. we were late!! ish.. the que to buy popcorns and drinks were so long.. yea.. i admit.. i'm impatient.. arghh.. but since i haven't eat my dinner, so have to que also coz i'm hungry.. T_T then when we went in.. the movie had already started as my expectation.. sobss =( and our seat was at row J.. suddenly a woman came in and sat at our place and then i said these were our place.. and they said no, that's was theirs.. row L seat.. what a shame.. we sat wrong row.. @.@ then have to move to our place below.. swt la.. haha.. but we still enjoy our movie though.. damn nice wei..really have to ask my mum to buy the dvd.. kaka.. really feel like watching it again for the 2nd time!!! no wonder cheryl say it was so nice and wanna watch again la.. haha.. just like percy jackson.. i'm so damn high.. went to watch it twice.. kaka.. xD In this movie.. so many part were so funny.. aww.. the xiao dre was just so cute and funny.. ^^ For me, the part when they fight during the final.. i know.. for sure xiao dre will win de.. but i think that is was kinda fast though.. it was like.. huh? win liao a? lolx.. xD rated this movie 9/10.. wanna give it 10/10 but nothing is perfect in this world.. 9 is very good liao la.. haha.. i bet this movie can also encourages kids to join martial art.. haha.. xD

movie poster


be strong =D


in the train during the journey to the top of the mountain

ehem... haha.. =p

they in the real world =D

jackie chan and jaden smith

jaden and will smith.. dad and son xD

movie ticket =)

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