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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hungry =x

I'm hungry.. wuwu.. see la.. justnow rice don't want eat finish.. now know hungry liao.. go sleep better >.<"" tomorrow going amah's house to enjoy leng leng soup.. she specially boil for me de leh.. so sweet of her.. I just told her that I love to drink and asked her before how to make it.. she cook for me already.. haha.. oh yeah.. :D 

I made up my mind.. I'm gonna buy it!! Not waiting anymore.. Wait people buy for me..wait till no stock liao.. haha.. Nike bag.. wait for me!!! xD

Why this one seems different from the first one I saw de?? =.="" nevermind.. go there and see..

eee.. really leh.. not same also de.. T.T

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