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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Dance!!! xD

Today's dance class was nice.. I just love today's dance steps.. makes me so happy.. kusu kusu kusu.. and pichu pichu pichu.. lolx.. it was the Bonamana song.. check it out la.. after dance class, the hairstylist came to see us (model) for their graduation show which will be held on the 15th of August 2010.. is actually like this.. they leh.. gonna graduate ady.. so they need our (dancers) help to become their model.. which means they gonna cut.. rebond.. bleach.. dye.. and everything which they need to our hair.. lol.. their theme was dance.. so they find us to help lo.. I was quite afraid coz.. I scare they will cut my hair till short short.. lol.. i purposely take care my hair.. and let it grew till so long ady... coz next year CNY, i wanna curl it.. wahahha.. then he say won't cut so long la.. just "xui" abit.. then oklo.. haha.. then he say will dye my hair.. then i asked.. "It's temporary right?" =) then he said.. "err.. no, it's permanent.. " I was like.. huh? what?? @.@ lol.. charm liao lo if its not nice.. wuwu.. T.T he say they will dye back for me if I'm not satisfied with it.. then.. ok lo.. if this is the case so nevermind la.. xP but he might gonna bleach my hair leh.. coz my hair got colour now.. so need to bleach sin before recolour.. later my hair spoile how leh... T.T I cut my hair this morning.. and the fringe was like so short.. I look so nerd.. ish.. >.<"

After that, went to watch movie Streetdance movie with dancezz buddies as planned.. lolx.. guess what?? The movie is so so so so sooooo freaking blady damn bloody AWESOME!!! haha.. gosh.. I just couldn't describe how was the feeling when we were watching the movie justnow.. although we were seating at row C, 3 rows from screen.. but trust me.. it's really worth it!!! :D all the dancers were just so OMPH!!! so energetic.. so powerful.. dance were so clean.. it was just so marvellous.. fabulous.. spectacular.. what else.. just so superfragilisticexpialidocious la!!! haha.. xD rated 10/10.. A must to watch for those who haven't watch this movie.. xD

Some of the cast :-
i edit the isabella coz left one more place in the box and there's no more picture ady.. haha.. xD

Did I miss you out Chloe?? haha..xD

This is the main character, Carly.. she is so pretty.. so fair.. body was.. pheww.. FIT and SLIM!!
(I wonder when can I have a body like hers.. xP)


Flawless as The Surge


they both kissed at the end of their dance.. awww :) Breaking point!!!!! xD

The streetdance movie cast :D

Look at that man!!! wahahahhaa... xD

The movie trailer.. just wanna share it.. xD

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