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Saturday, July 10, 2010

KFC + Twilight Eclipse =D

It's Finger Licking Good time :D

Ate our dinner at KFC after Pasar Malam.. victor's idea.. suddenly wanna eat KFC.. lolx.. kaka.. 

my snack plate.. thx vic for the treat =p

cheezy wedges :D

bo hang eat chicken.. only can eat potato lo.. kaka.. xD

vic: what? you taking my pic?? haha

chicken chicken on the plate.. going to my mouth and off to my stomach.. LOL.. 

all clear :D

oranges?? haha.. no la.. balloons ^^

Went to watch movie at MBO Cinema.. new open the mall which is the Harbour Place, Port Klang =D
This cinema is so chiu kap awesome.. very pretty.. if in my empire's level.. it's the royal level.. kaka.. the seats were special.. not like other cimema.. all sofa type and stick together de.. this wan was like.. cushion chair.. and the arrangement of the seat is quite far from each other.. the surrounding was nice.. well.. the screen.. i don't wheather it's bigger or smaller than the other cinemas.. but for me, its ok jor lo.. hehe.. still got other room i haven't go in ma.. maybe still got many big big de.. looking forward to it next time.. =D 

Few pictures capture by my lau ya phone.. which abit blur.. and some taken from GOOGLE.. =P

outside ^^

ticket counter ^^

like club?? hahaha xD

like hotel pulak.. haha

the seats =.="

MBO Cinema's movie ticket price =D

As for the movie.. oh yeah.. Twilight Eclipse.. nice nice... Edward still as hot and Bella still as stunning as before.. her eyes especially.. >.<" sweet.. =) and plus.. got a lot of kissing part.. wakakaka.. Bella.. kiss with two guys.. Jacob and Edward.. who will you choose?? I choose Edward of course.. haha =D 
Awesome movie.. their fight was amazing.. I wonder how cold is the vampires.. can break it like ice.. lol.. Anyhow, rated it 9/10 =D

movie poster

Bella and Edward-- 123 kiss =D

Edward or Jacob? =p

The cullens trying to catch Victoria

The werewolves family =D

New generation of vampires.. =.="

owh Edward.. T.T

Voltari :D

ehem... =D

movie ticket =D

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