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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letter for heaven =)

After so long.. finally the song is done.. Aris chern yang original composed song.. not 100% ori also because the lyrics not he produce wan lo.. since i'm a good sister, so i help him to make a movie maker and upload it to fb.. haha.. i like the picture that i edited.. hee ^^

nice rite?? letter for heaven.. so leh.. got letter and heaven lo.. kaka.. =p

Here's the video (just click play to listen to it) =)

Title : Letter for heaven [给天堂的信]
Melody : Chern Yang
Lyrics : Joey Lo
Movie maker edit by : Pei Ling ^^

And here's the song lyrics =)

倾听说着的无理 你准备要离去

行李躺在他的房里 倒转了整个世纪
眼朦里 坚强忍下了泪滴

哼着 曲看着你离去 唱出悲痛思绪

选择学习好好感激 要痊愈已不容易
我只有 一种想你的权利

给天堂的信 无痕迹在信封写上你的名
相信天使会代替 说我有多想念你
天堂的信 因为有了伤心的痕迹
总会带着寂寞 为我寄到哪里

Well.. my comment was.. it's nice.. =) although i don't understand the lyrics.. haha.. but can feel the melody its nice.. don't know what am i talking but overall it's good =)
next time try produce a background music.. sure will sound more nice.. 
you keep say its suck..well.. okla.. not that sucks also la.. lol..
practice more to improve better ba.. gambateh lo ^^

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