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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

♥ Milko

It's so fluffy and gonna die!!!! hahaha.. You are just so cute.. kaka.. xD do it more often ya.. because you look so childish when you were saying it.. lol.. =p
Anyway, thanks you both for coming.. =) and sorry for wasting one and the half hour of your money for CC.. lol.. paiseh lo.. not I want also de ma.. T.T

To someone, faster make your feeling clear.. and tell what you suppose to tell me.. don't make me wait too long ya.. what people say.. make me sam xi xi lo.. haha.. =p gambateh ^^

Speech speech speech!!! die die die.. I still can't figure out my topic.. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC.. come on.. think think.. haiz.. T_____T

Can I sleep now.. think tomorrow? >.<""
Nite nite.. xD

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