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Saturday, July 17, 2010

♥ Random Saturday ♥

Went Bukit Cahaya again.. and this time.. we were lucky because we manage to get the bicycle.. wahahhaa.. it's my first time with the bike.. before this, too many people already.. so just went there for a walk and jog nia.. but for me.. it was ok ok only lo.. haha.. 8km.. go and back.. we manage to finish our journey within not more than two hours.. only 5 bucks each person.. xD nice one.. after that, ate our lunch at Hailam Kopitiam.. have to wait till 2pm coz need to wait those buddhist campers come.. so.. drive a while at parking area.. this time i failed at the hill part.. die engine few times.. lol.. T.T haizz.. then when all of them reach liao.. we followed them into the place they staying.. most of them went.. except few like ruby, wai mun, sing how and chia seng... me and sharon play a short game with tong and desmond them.. play hand game.. and also ci ku pang.. lol.. punishment was to beat our hand.. and it was so freaking pain.. my hand was really like ang gu ker liao.. haha.. xD but all of us enjoyed though.. i like the game that they played after that which is the "wu gui wu gui tiao".. which means turtle turtle jump.. the losers will be splash water from the winner.. and i think everyone of them got wet.. it was so wet.. i wish I could join them as well.. too bad i didn't bring any extra clothes.. haizz.. watching all of them enjoying themselves.. i felt so envy of them.. wuwu.. =( stay a little while more and we went back coz cannot stand with those sucking blood creatures.. "MOSQUITOES!!!" both of my legs got so many red dot now.. >.<"" ish ish.. plan to sleep when i went back home.. but i was not sleepy.. end up online till now lo.. haha.. xD there's a piggy sleeping infront of me.. through web cam.. berry swt.. piggy betul.. didn't bath somemore.. lolx.. Today was also the day of Bon Odori.. didn't go as well.. when I think of spending money again.. I didn't feel like going already.. lolx.. to both Mr.CCY, if you guys were just playing with me, IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! =.="" Hence, to end my post, stay tune for streetdance movie tomorrow.. xD 

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